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    Ten Tips on How to revive your boring sex life

    Ten Tips on How to revive your boring sex life

    1. Have Sex in an Off Limits Location
    Try having sex in a place that's slightly "dangerous" or that makes you feel naughty, like in the living room during the day or in the back seat of the car.
    2. Watch Some Porn Together
    Hey, it's no secret that women enjoy porn as much as men do. So tonight, why not pop in that spicy DVD you've been hiding and watch it together? It's even better if the DVD player is in the bedroom...
    3. Don't Be Afraid to Tell Him What You Like
    He can't read your mind, you know, so if you want him to touch you "right there" or thrust a little faster, you need to tell him. He'll be happy to oblige if you just give him a little direction!
    4. Bring Some Toys into the Bedroom
    There is a sex toy to fit every possible personality. A pair of furry handcuffs can add a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your sex life. There's something very sensual about being completely helpless while your partner can do what they will with you. It goes without saying that it's something that also builds trust, and can strengthen your relationship.
    5. Surprise Him with a Quickie
    Ask him to meet you at home for his lunch break, and let him find you waiting and naked.
    Nothing makes an afternoon of work pass faster than a lunch time quickie! And I bet you'll be ready for "Round Two" at the end of the day!
    6. Do It in the Car
    Remember how it felt so good and so bad in high school when you were making out in the back seat of your boyfriend's car? Getting it on in the car can make you feel like its prom night all over again.
    Find a deserted parking lot or other private spot; just watch out for the cops!
    7. Do It in the Wild
    Outdoors sex is an amazing rush. And we mean really in the outdoors, not in a tent! In the ocean, in the woods or somewhere under the stars - you'll feel at one with the universe.
    8. Learn To Give a Great Blow Job
    It doesn't matter what else you're willing to do in bed; it will always be the blow job that impresses him the most. The best way to get good is with practice, but talk to your friends to get tips on technique.
    9. Consider a Threesome
    We know they may be off limits for some, but if the thought excites you, why not suggest it? Make sure to include someone you trust, and remember to practice safe sex.
    10. Surprise Him with a Midnight Romp
    Have you ever woken up from a sexy dream feeling like you had to have it? Wake him up and go for it! You'll wake up in the morning with smiles on your faces.


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