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    News — health

    Why Fifty Shades of Grey Is "Good" for Women

    Why Fifty Shades of Grey Is

    Shades of Grey is "Good" for women Fifty Shades of Grey "good" for women? It's an interesting question. To answer it, you also have to examine not only whether the book itself is good for women, but whether the pop culture phenomenon that ensued is a positive thing. I think they have two different answers.
    The books themselves are fantastic for women who want to read them. Remember, some women are put off from books that are hyper-sexual, and the Shades of Grey trilogy is over-flowing with graphic sex. Ana is a sexually-naïve virgin when she first encounters Christian, a domineering man deeply into S&M.
    Christian is used to getting what he wants- and he immediately wants Ana to be one of his submissives, something Ana isn't exactly prepared to agree to. They end up coming to a compromise, and that means tons of sex scenes that sometimes border on being a little too graphic. But the fact that a series of books with sexual comment has become available for women in a socially acceptable way is surely good for women, right?
    It's high time women be able to discuss sex openly and admit that they have desires that were once considered to be completely outside the norm. And the books provide a conversation starter for women who want to talk about their fantasies with their own sexual partners- also a good thing.
    So what's the 'not so good' thing for about Fifty Shades of Grey when it comes to women? For starters, it has introduced the term 'Mommy Porn' which is both insulting and creepy.  Notice that men don't have any term even resembling 'Daddy Porn' to describe their entertainment. Who wouldn't cringe at just hearing that term, which brings to mind perverted old men preying on young girls? Why is is OK to coin the phrase for women? Aren't women's and men's sexual needs equally normal?
    Also, the pop culture aspect of Fifty Shades has made women's needs a source of laughter. Saturday Night Live spoofed the series with a skit about mom's desperate for personal time alone with the book so that they can masturbate. Selena Gomez did a Funny or Die skit called Fifty Shades of Blue that also satirised the books. Should women's sexual urges be fodder for humor? Or does the fact that they are being talked about at all overshadow that questions?

    Top Five health Benefits of sex toys in your Everyday sex life

    Top Five health Benefits of sex toys in your Everyday sex life

    Top Five health Benefits of sex toys in your Everyday sex life
    Many couples in committed relationships often get to the point where sex becomes something less exciting. Foreplay games become a task, making love become simple and predictable. If you find yourself in this situation, then it's time to get your engines revving, to bring warmth into your sex life. One of the ways to unlock the door of pleasure and exciting experience of top erotic ecstasy is to introduce fun adult toys in the room. If you are in a committed relationship or alone, use of sex toys can add a lot to your fantasy in a way that you never expected. These days, sex toys are no longer considered taboo. In fact, an increasing number of adults are becoming more open to the use of these little helpers. They not only provide encouragement and excitement but also offer a number of advantages. Here are a few:
    • You can improve orgasms. It is quite obvious, but the fact that orgasms help the brain can go a long way in reviving your sex life and the totality of your being. Orgasm releases endorphins that make you feel very happy, and then your brain associate these feelings with sex and therefore makes you want more, and the cycle continues.
    • It adds to your physical health. Using sex toys, it allows people to relieve stress. The orgasm has the same effect as if the penetration is delivered by a human. With all these requirements of the average person today, stress and anxiety can accumulate. Sex toys can give you a safe and private way to ease some of this accumulated stress and be prepared for the challenges of life once more.
    • Sexual performance using various sex toys allows couples to explore different aspects of their sexuality in a safe environment. These accessories can also be used to treat lethargy in the room or problems that may arise. For example, you can add in some fancy costumes to add creativity in the experience or include the use of lubricants to work things out.
    • Sex toys can help you to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Many couples do not speak honestly about what they really want in terms of sex, which is probably because they do not want to hurt the feelings of your partner, but it is amazing how people can lose their inhibitions when using sex toys.
    • Burns calories. It is known that a good sex session burns a tremendous amount of calories, but the same is true when using the sex toy, it cannot burn as many calories as an hour or two with a partner, but the heart pumping is done and he has the same advantages as cardiovascular exercise.
    The use of sex toys have its interesting benefits but mostly, it smoothens your journey towards a fulfilling sex life. 


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