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    News — Hygiene

    How to Care for your Sex Toy

    How to Care for your Sex Toy

    Glass sex toys are becoming more popular because of its versatility and beautiful look. Glass sex toys have the ability to be heated or cooled to enhance your enjoyment and have a firm and solid feeling that provides sensual pressure similar to metal.
    Made of ultra-resistant borosilicate glass, sex toys made of this material, they are extremely durable and will not break if dropped. They are also very easy to clean only with hot water.
    Sex toys glass can be heated or cooled, can be cooked, and can actually be very pleasing to the eye! Use glass toys carefully, though:
    Do not hesitate to cook glass toy to disinfect it - just do not run under cold water to cool before storing!
    Check toys glass prior to each use for cracks that could cause it to break during use
    Do not use in the bathroom or tiles - glass is slippery when lubricated
    Only heat or cool glass if manufacturers show that it’s safe.
    Jelly rubber
    Jelly rubber is one of the cheapest materials around and can be shaped and colored to almost any specification. It is widely used for the manufacture of sex toys for several years, but has experienced a loss of popularity due to the confusion that surrounds the extraordinary phthalates, chemicals that are added to tires to be flexible. Not all rubber toys contain phthalates always check the specification jelly toys to be sure. 
    How to take care of them:
    Wear condoms on sex toys elastomer or jelly, if you want to share 
    Wash with antibacterial soap and water immediately after use 
    Do not cook 
    However, you are free to use any type of elastomer is preferred lubricant or jelly sex toys
    Hard and hygienic rigid acrylonitrile butadiene rigid plastic (ABS plastic to me and you) is a preferred material in vibration and cool vibes. Plastic transfers vibrations very well and makes a strong stimulation. It is also compatible with all the lubricants and easy to clean.
    Hard plastic sex toys are quite common and profitable. Despite feeling that they are porous - or cannot be cooked. Caring for them:
    • Ensure that the antibacterial soap and clean water and dry
    • Use a condom if you share.
    Silicone is widely used in the design of sex toys and is well made for its non-porous finish and hypoallergenic properties.
    Many sex toy companies are turning to silicone material as their main option because they are easy to clean, it feels good and lasts long. The beautiful Happy Rabbits or LELO range can be strong, flexible or rigid, and so durable, it can never change.
    Silicone sex toys are very versatile and have a nice semi-real atmosphere with reasonable prices. To care for silicone toys: 
    If you do not have a motor or cable, can be boiled or put in the dish washer after each use
    Use saddle soap and adequate water for washing
    Do not use silicone lube with silicone toys. They react and lose their shape. You can put a condom on your first toy and if you only use silicone lubricant - Make sure that the lubricant does not spread down outside condoms background.
    Cyber skin Sex Toys
    These luxury toys feel so cook you will want them to last. To care for Cyber Skin:
    Do not use silicon or oil-based lubricating with Cyber Skin
    Rinse with warm water and antibacterial soap after each use
    Store Cyber Skin toys as if it were a musical instrument - (For dildo in her front window) direct sunlight between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius, etc.
    Wrap your Cyber skin toy in cloth or something soft before storing.


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